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Where food is served, with a side of satisfaction.

We offer an extensive Food and Beverage portfolio that boosts iconic and internationally recognized brands. We are engaged in a Global range of categories; each with their respective brands. West take pride in offering the finest brand that we are able to source from around the Globe.

MBX Global is a Food & Beverage Products marketing and distribution company serving the Canadian and North American marketplace. We are a distributor representing renowned brands for a variety of frozen, chilled, dry food and non-food products. We cater to the full spectrum of retail, grocers, food service institution and wholesale sectors.

MBX Global is an importer, exporter and distributor of specialty food ingredients serving the industrial food manufacturers and snack re-packers in North America. Some of our products include coffee, rice, seeds, nuts, dried fruit, coconut, frozen fruit and cocoa powder focusing on the bread, sweet goods, fruit filling, ice cream and snack food industries.

It is our goal to provide insightful market information from sources around the globe and handle all logistical steps in the process by arranging the ocean freight, warehousing and distribution. From field to your plant floor, we are fully engaged in every step in the process so you can focus on yours.

Our Goal

We are enthusiastic and passionate about what we do!

We believe that success is a journey & we enjoy this journey.

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