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Our foundation and strength are in our high level quality customer service, competitive pricing and our proactive professional friendly employees and management team

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We are focus on building long lasting professional relationships with our clients, partners, suppliers and employees

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About Our Company

MBX Global is a Transportation & Logistics Freight Management Company with proven Industry experience. Our foundation and strength are in our high level quality Customer Service, Competitive Pricing and our proactive professional friendly employees and management team. Our approach to “One Customer at a time” allows us to understand our valued client’s requirements so that we can always exceed their unique expectations and deliver “Every Load… By Any Mode”

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Our Mission

MBX Global is committed to providing cost effective and efficient Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain solutions services to our valued customers. We are focus on building long lasting professional relationships with our clients, partners, suppliers and employees.

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We work with your Traffic Management Department to improve and streamline inefficiencies

We monitor the process and make suggestions that will help streamline any foreseen problems.

We give visibility of your product at all points of the complicated supply-chain process.


MBX Global is a company dedicated to providing Full Service Transportation and Logistics Brokerage Solutions

Full Truck Load Service

When you have large shipment and you need it shipped now, you need a full truckload carrier you can trust. MBX Global is committed to providing the best FTL service for our customers and works hard to make this one of the fastest, most reliable shipping methods.

What is a Full Truckload (FTL)? As the name implies, an FTL is when a truck or intermodal container (full container load, FCL) is filled by one customer with their product. Typically, this shipment goes all to one place and is generally the most cost-effective method of shipping for larger volume shipments. With trucks able to carry in excess of 40,000 lbs, MBX Global has space for a wide range of products.

When to use Full Truckload? When you are shipping to a high-volume location that is typically the best time to use an FTL. Also, if your shipment has enough volume to fill a full truckload then an FTL is worth considering. MBX Global tech-centric truck freight includes integrated tracking tools carried by a network of quality trucking partners for end-to-end transparency on destination trucking.

  • Strengthen your supply chain with the power of our scale and reliable truckload capacity in all markets—we move the most full truckload freight (FTL) of any company in the world.
  • Navigate today's increasingly fragmented truckload market with ease—access the largest network of vetted, high-quality carriers in North America and enhance your truckload strategy.
  • Leverage industry-leading technology to automate the entire shipment lifecycle, improve your truckload RFP process, get better end-to-end visibility, and maximize efficiency for your shipments.
  • Trust our supply chain experts to track market shifts, act as an extension of your team, and develop solutions based on your business needs.

LTL Services

MBX Global offers the ultimate in LTL (less than truckload) flexibility. Our wide network of vetted carriers means we can always find a cost-effective route to get your items delivered where they need to be.  With MBX Global, LTLs are fast, reliable and affordable.

What is a Less Than Truckload? An LTL is, simply, when you have product you want to ship that does not fill a full truckload. Considering that an FTL can carry in excess of 40,000lbs of freight, a LTL is often a better option for many shipments with smaller volumes.

  • With the growth of ecommerce, less than truckload (LTL) shipping demands more flexibility than ever. Manage spend without sacrificing speed—let us help you find the right combination of LTL services to gain efficiencies while exceeding customer expectations.
  • Get a competitive edge—improve your on time in full performance with comprehensive LTL services such as consolidation, parcel, and last mile.
  • Collaborate with seasoned supply chain experts who can help anticipate, strategize, and solve for your planned and unplanned freight needs.
  • Discover smarter, more flexible multimodal options and end-to-end visibility with our industry leading technology.
Expedited Shipping

When you need it delivered fast, then you need MBX Global to get it done. We are a fast shipping company with a multitude of expedite services available to satisfy even the most hectic, last-minute schedule. With a range of expedite options for both domestic and international fast shipping, we’re your one stop shop to get all your items where they need to be.

Next Day Shipping Delivery

With 2-day fast shipping within the United States and Canada, our normal delivery times are already quick, but with our expedite services we can turn two days into one. By putting two of our expert drivers behind the wheel, we can ensure non-stop transportation of your goods and a 24-hour or less turnaround. By using these same vehicles and drivers we also eliminate unnecessary handling and the possibility of other delays associated with transfers. Delivery times are subject to the total miles per trip.

Liquid Bulk Transportation Management

Liquid bulk shipments are often the simplest, most economical method of transporting bulk liquids, whether shipping 100 miles or across the country. Depending on the type of tanker and kind of material, liquid bulk freight is shipped OTR (On The Road), typically via stainless steel or aluminum tankers that hold up to 7,500 gallons, or 45,000 pounds of goods. MBX Global offers customers a network of carriers and service providers for the fastest, most efficient shipment of liquid products in the marketplace.

Besides offering cost-effective, efficient liquid bulk shipments, the MBX Global team of experts provides trans-loading services that include arranging shipments across North America moves, heating, steaming, and anti-freezing facilities, well as blind/double-blind shipments.

Intermodal/Rail Service

We are your Rail and Intermodal Experts for your freight shipping needs. We help companies move their full load freight thanks to simple, low-cost and high-quality intermodal shipments, that cannot be matched anywhere!

Whether you want to start booking your next intermodal rail shipment without hassle or are looking for Rail Consulting services from our experienced team, we can help. Request your rail freight quote today and see the difference our pricing and service can make.

Freight Forwarding

Choose a freight forwarder whose customized services includes a personalized dashboard to track ocean freight, air freight, trucking and rail. Follow every unit, SKU, and container from purchase order (PO) to delivery. Track exceptions and their business impact. Make better decisions faster with unmatched information.

Easy On-Boarding to Modern Freight Forwarding

The ideal freight forwarder subtracts complexity while adding visibility, starting with your first shipment. Get your hands on our MBX Global dashboard. Gain support from our team. Lead the way with an agile supply chain—across air, ocean, and land—that responds to you.

Ocean Cargo

From FCL, LCL, to Ocean Match’s hybrid solution and our premium services, MBX Global can balance speed and cost to meet your needs. Work with us to maximize on-time performance and inventory planning at every step.

  • We’re here to make your global ocean freight move around the world with ease. Optimize your ocean shipping by accessing more capacity and competitive rates through our major ocean shipping alliances.
  • Secure capacity even in tight markets, with a leading forwarder of ocean freight from China to the U.S. in the Transpacific Eastbound (TPEB) trade lane.
  • Plan for fluctuating market demand and stay agile. Trust our ocean freight experts who will troubleshoot in real time, across time zones.
  • Reduce your need for multiple providers with our global suite of services—from ocean, air, and customs to surface transportation.

Air Cargo

Tap into more data and new options to optimize your air strategy, cut waste, and add ROI. MBX Global platform turns air events into actionable information. And our robust global network of capacity and seasoned experts give you agile solutions to fit your specific business needs.

  • Meet deadlines and customer expectations with fast, reliable air freight services—including same day, airport to airport delivery—at all major hubs around the world.
  • Keep your air freight moving consistently with daily departure schedules through our global carrier management program.
  • Secure the space and scheduling you need—via cargo or passenger plane—through our carrier relationships.
  • Find efficient, cost effective transportation strategies by working with our dedicated experts who oversee and optimize your entire logistics portfolio.

Warehousing & Distribution

MBX Global offers a variety of supply chain solutions including warehousing and cross docking. Our comprehensive services allow for great flexibility in scheduling, cost and freight type. Whether you need long or short term warehousing, MBX Global provides secure, affordable options.

MBX Global strives to provide our customers with the most options when it comes to warehousing. We not only have our primary facilities in Mississauga, through our alliance partners, we also offer quality warehouse storage in over 100 distribution centres across North America. Each of our freight warehouse storage locations includes these safety measures:

  • 24/7 Camera Security surveillance
  • Smoke detection, sprinkler and fire alarm system
  • Fenced area for your high-end items
Cross Docking Services:

As you research supply chain solutions, it’s likely you’ve come across this term and wondered “what is cross docking?” This phrase, which sounds like something the Star Trek crew would have to do, is really just a name given for when freight is taken from one truck, trailer or railcar and put onto another with little to no storage in between.

Logistics Brokerage & Management

At MBX Global, we help companies across the entire supply chain from inbound to outbound and everywhere in between

Overcoming disruptive industry challenges to meet rising consumer demands is the prime focus for supply chain executives. This requires an ever ready supply chain with end-to-end visibility, flexibility, and distribution capabilities that meet demands today and in the future. As a fully integrated transportation and supply chain logistics provider in the industry, MBX Global works behind the scenes to help companies like yours turn industry disruption into capabilities. Regardless of the size of your company or what industry you serve, we have a solution to help you with your most complex transportation or logistics challenges to give you peace of mind.

We offers flexibility and high level service

Our highly trained and dedicated staff excels at fulfilling each customer's specific needs.